Printable pet grooming add-on services signs
Effortlessly Charge Extra For Things Like Nail Polish. Just Display The Included Posters
The instant printable posters in this kit will do the selling for you! So you don't have worry about coming across as pushy or "salesy". Simple display the posters from this kit and customers will start to ask you for these easy, profit add-ons. Start getting paid more for your time.

Easily Make At Least $15 More On Each Groom 
The kit gives you several different counter-top size display posters(instant printables) that promote the most popular grooming add-on services. Plus, it also gives you additional profit making tools along with full step-by-step instructions that will show you exactly how to use our pre-made marketing materials to effortlessly create additional income. 
Make More Profit On EVERY Groom: 

Effortlessly get additional sales and charge more by simply displaying and  handing out the promos in this kit. This kit gives you dozens of printable, done-for you money making grooming promo pieces. Instantly print them out right from your home computer. Simply pick a ready made grooming promo and just print it out.

Need More Grooming Clients? 

This kit includes an E-Book that shows you dozens of free & inexpensive ways to advertise your grooming services. Secret. inexpensive strategies that ACTUALLY WORK.  
Need a quick newspaper ad layout? This kit has pre-made ready to go ad designs that are optimized to be more effective at bringing you in more customers.

Over 850 100% editable templates exclusively for pet grooming business owners. 

Almost every marketing piece that a grooming business could need, is in this kit. Over 850 editable templates are included. Ready to use, simply type your name onto them and print! The editable templates also allow you to easily change pictures, text, colors, currency symbols, add your logo and more. It's as easy as dragging & dropping the items around on the page. No need to know how to format or anything techy. No software is needed since the step by step instructions walk you through editing the templates right online using the free Google Slides version of Microsoft Powerpoint. It literally only takes minutes to edit and print out the templates with this easy online editor. Compatible with PC or Mac. If you would like to see for yourself how easy these templates are to use, you can try one out for free, click here to get a free pet report card template to try!

The kit includes templates to instantly print out your own customer loyalty cards, customer referral coupons, flyers, postcards, bulletin board tear sheet flyers, business cards, rack card brochures, spa service menus, price sheets, grooming receipts, promo sheets, pet report cards, pet release forms, client record sheets, counter top signs to promote de-shed services, feather extensions, hair coloring, flea products, customer info handouts, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube materials & Quick Start Guides, DIY websites, print ad layouts and much, much more! Plus, you get the three booklets to guide you to success. 

Here are just some of the quick edit templates and goodies that you get in this kit:
(all colors & text on the templates are editable!)
Complete Kit That Makes It EASY & Inexpensive To Get 100's Of New Grooming Clients AND Make An Additional Profit On Every Groom!
Tired of spending thousands of dollars on advertising to get more grooming customers? Or, are you still struggling to figure out WHAT type of advertising works? Our professional marketing team has compiled an E-Book that reveals the true secrets to what really works in advertising and we have included it in this kit. Did you know that some of the most effective ways to advertise your grooming business are actually free? Yes, and the E-Book reveals it all AND this complete kit provides you with all of the tools that you will need to do it. 
With this system, your clients begin to view you as a prestigious groomer that offers unique services and expert pet advice. Simply by printing out and displaying the promo posters and client education handouts that come with this kit, your customers begin to ask you for these premium add-on services like de-shedding, nail polish, moisturizing treatments & more. All of which you can charge extra for.
Save A Ton of Money & Time...

       Get 100's Of New Grooming Customers...

With The Kit's Dozens Of FREE and Inexpensive Ways To Advertise Your Grooming Business
The Beauty Of The Internet Makes It Possible For You To Have This Entire Kit In Your Hands In Just Minutes From Now! We have taken the entire kit full of over 850 templates and have compressed it all into 1 instant download file! Instantly download it upon purchase below.

All editions also include a BONUS of the first six months of the 2020 printable appointment book!
Don't have the time or money to spend on advertising? Don't have the patience to spend hours creating & experimenting with gimmicky promotional methods to find out what actually works? This done for you marketing system INSTANTLY gives you a complete, tested and proven system that allows you to effortlessly make more money and focus on grooming instead of wasting hours on trying to come up with clever ads or effective promotional ideas.
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