Effortlessly Make More Money and  Work Less
Time is money and let's face it, you can only groom so fast. Each dog takes a certain amount of time to groom and there are only so many hours in each day. Once you have reached the point at which you are grooming all of the dogs that you can possibly fit into your schedule each day, you have maxed out your earning potential, right? After all, the commodity that you are billing for is time...and you can't manufacture more time. 

Nah...don't settle for this premise. You're a pet groomer and pet groomers are naturally creative people. Creative people are naturally smarter. So let's outsmart this old school way of thinking.

 Here's just a few ways that you can make more money without working any harder:
The Old Way                                                      The NEW Way
Groom half as many dogs, work at your own pace, enjoy what you do, take time off when you want to and make more money than you ever have in the past. 

What would you do if you could take time off? What would you do with that extra money? Would you take a trip? Work on your "Bucket List"? Spend more quality time with your family?

It's possible, and I'm going to show you how, below. 

The Profitable Solution
Since you are only one person, you can only do so much in a day. But what if there were two of you? Wouldn't it be nice if we could clone ourselves. But since we can't, the next best thing is to hire someone and delegate the lesser skilled tasks to them. Oh, I can hear you groaning now. It takes money to hire someone. There's payroll, and taxes and workers comp. insurance, and not to mention the pain in the rear that it can become to have to manage another person.

But bear with me here. Here's the facts on it. If you hire a "bather", someone who is unskilled, does not know how to groom but is willing to wash and dry the dogs for you. How much time will that save you each day? What if you also then take an hour to teach them how to clip nails, clean ears and de-shed a dog? Ah ha... how many short haired breeds could they "groom" for you in a day then? Would it also cut your grooming time on each clipped breed to less than half?

Oh, but the cost. Depending on where you are located, let's say you pay this employee $9.00/hr (in my area that would be a decent pay for this position). Then add on $3.00/hr to cover the taxes and insurance, so you're at $12.00/hr. But that person brings you in $50 in two hours (they are going to be slower than you) when they groom a short haired large breed dog for you. That means you spent $24 and got $50. That's a $26 profit in two hours. So let's do the math, in an eight hour work day, that's an additional $104 per day x a five day work week = $520 profit per week or an additional $2,080 per month for an additional $24,960 profit each year! 

Do you see the opportunity here? This could allow you to schedule days off and just put short haired breeds on the appointment book for those days. This could allow you freedom, both personal and financial. So I hope that you will consider it. If you are intimidated by the hiring process, an easy solution is to contact a temp agency and they will take care of all the payroll and insurance for you.
How to groom less dogs and make more
Groom less dogs each day, keep your grooming prices where they are at, but make more money on each groom. Hugh???

Yes, it's possible. Let me ask you this. When you went to school to learn how to groom, did you not start out by first signing up for the classes? Did you shell out quite a bit of money for them? Did you not then purchase grooming equipment, helpful books and all kinds of extra little things that you just "had to have"? Did you feel like you got ripped off after you purchased all of those extra items, or did you feel excited, like you were really armed with everything that you needed to succeed? (well ok, yeah, there are some places that cram things down your throat that you don't need, but I'm referring to the other places that offered you a solution to what you wanted to learn about)

What if you could offer useful solutions to your grooming clients needs and it would make them feel like you were really looking out for their pets best interests? And what if that also just happened to bring you in more money?   

Cram as many dogs as you possibly can into your daily schedule so that you can make more money. Leave work at the end of each day feeling exhausted, burned out and unhappy.  
The Old Way                                                      The NEW Way
Again, cram as many dogs as you possibly can into your daily schedule so that you can make more money. Leave work at the end of each day feeling exhausted, burned out and unhappy.  
More profitable dog grooming
I have just shared with you two strategies that if combined and followed through on, will bring you in an additional $48,960 in profit each year. But that is the low-end estimate. That figure was just based on you working alone and only adding one additional bather to your business. What if you add even more staff to the equation? Could you double or even triple that $48,960 amount? You easily can, and then some. But you will need more customers in order to do it. So let's head on over to the next step here, and I'll share with you some easy and inexpensive ways to get more grooming clients. Click here when you are ready. 

The Money Making Solution
Chances are that every single dog that you groom has at least one if not more issues that you would address if it were your dog. If it were your dog, what would you use to cure that constant ear infection or ear mites? If it were your dog, what product would you use to soothe that dry, itchy skin? What would you use to prevent those matts in between grooming appointments? Would you purchase a Halti or other type of special harness to prevent that huge dog from jumping up and pulling you across the room every time you had to take him somewhere? 

Do I have your wheels churning now? Just think about it for a second. If you help your clients to solve these problems, how much more respect are they going to have for you? How much more appreciation are they going to have for your professional knowledge? A lot. You have just created enormous value and you have gained a customer for life. A customer that is going to recommend you to their friends because "you care".  

What else is also going to happen, is that each of those additional products or services that you recommend, is going to, on average, add an additional $10 of profit to each and every dog that you groom. Now for ease of figuring, let's just say that you groom ten dogs per day, that's 10 x $10. That equals $100 more each day. In a five day work week, that's $500 more per week or $2,000 more profit per month! ($24,000 more per year).

Ah yeah, just for opening your mouth. And most of us are pretty good at that. But this time, it will help you, not get you into trouble. LOL. If you want a quick way to get started with making this additional income, I have put together an easy to follow system along with some marketing materials to get you started. You can download them right now here. If you also need to get hooked up with some wholesale pet supplies so that you can sell some of the products that you want to recommend, then you can get a list of wholesale distributors here.  

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