The Over 850 Templates Include:

  • 26-Different dog grooming business card templates that have an appointment card on the back
  • 50 Different grooming coupon half page flyer templates
  • 55-Different full page pet grooming flyer templates
  • 51-Different digital pet grooming coupon templates
  • 20-Different digital email header templates
  • 20-Different Facebook pet grooming covers templates
  • 11-Different holiday & general Facebook posting templates
  • 10 Add-on services Facebook posting templates
  • 1-Good behavior reward certificate template
  • 4-Seasonal newsletter templates
Create Your Own Flyers, Postcards and More With This Package of Over 850 Easy Edit Templates! 
Easy to edit templates that can be edited in minutes by simply dragging & dropping text/images around on the page. Quickly edit the templates by using the free online Google Slides version of Microsoft Powerpoint  Step-by-step editing instructions are included. All text & colors can be easily changed with the click of a mouse! Click here to try a free template.
Instantly Download All 850+ Templates, Step by Step Instructions & The three Booklets Below:
All templates & instructions are packaged into one downloadable kit- The Groomer's Profit Kit

  • 22-Different Facebook profile image templates 
  • 80-Different Facebook sign templates
  • 55-Different bulletin board flyer tear sheet templates
  • 49-Different pet grooming gift certificate templates
  • 1-Press release template & cheat sheet
  • 1-Brushing informational customer handout template
  • 1-Flea informational customer handout template
  • 18-Holiday and events sign templates
  • 10-Add-on services counter top sign templates
  • 34-Different grooming appointment reminder postcard templates
  • 5-Pet retail products price sign templates
  • 22-Different newspaper print ad templates
  • Dozens of templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Including profile graphics
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Dog grooming business advertising & marketing kit

  • 35-Different double sided rack card templates
  • 17-Different half page pet grooming receipt templates
  • 49-Different customer referral coupon templates
  • 1-Double sided pet release form & client record form template
  • 1-Full page pet report card template
  • 1-Half page pet report card template
  • 1-Customer rewards card template
  • 40-Pet grooming services menu / price signs templates
  • 4-Tip jar sign templates
  • 10-Add-on grooming services sales coupon templates
  • 12-Website elements templates
  • Entry box/giveaway templates 
Below, you can view a few dozen of the 850+ editable templates that are included in our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit. They are also available for individual purchase, on our other website at  
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