How It Works  

Our staff will take our 3-part marketing system from our Groomer's Profit Kit and customize the pieces with your business information, logo and in your choice of colors. If you do not already have a logo and company branding image established, we will work with you to create one. If you already have a logo and branding image established, then we can incorporate it into the marketing pieces. Our kit covers everything from print pieces to digital marketing. We tailor it all to work with what you already have or don't have.
If you don't have the spare time to be messing around with editing marketing templates for your business, then you might prefer our full-service premium Groomer's Profit Kit. With this version, our staff will handle all of the time consuming, customization of the templates for you. 
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Dog grooming business advertising & marketing kit
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What you will get for your money  

Since every business is currently working with their own unique marketing systems, we will adapt our kit to fit your individual business needs. However, as a general rule, most of our clients typically end up with the following pieces & services from us: 
We can customize all of the marketing pieces in our kit for you​ so that you 
can just focus on running your business
Examples of Our Work
Click on any of the images below, to see some of the work that we have done
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Clip N' Dip Grooming
An established salon for several years

To view the custom marketing services that we created for Clip N' Dip  Grooming, please click here
Critter Clippers Grooming
An established salon for several years

To view the custom marketing services that we created for Critter Clippers Grooming,
please click here. 
An established salon for several years

To view the custom marketing services that we created for Groomingdales,
please click here. 
Dogs Best Friends
An established salon under new ownership

To view the custom marketing services that we created for Dogs Best Friends Grooming, please click here
Head To Tails
An established salon & school for several years

To view the custom marketing services that we created for Head To Tails Grooming, please click here. 
You will get the following, customized, ready to print documents (Comes as one CD. In both print ready pdf format and the original, editable template that we created for you):

  • Business cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Appointment reminder postcards
  • Full page pet report card
  • Half-page pet report card
  • Half-page report card/receipts
  • Spa menu/price sheet
  • Full page flyer
  • Half-page coupon flyer
  • 5x7 double sided counter sign
  • Half-page double sided hours sign
  • Six add-on services display signs
  • Flea education handout
  • Brushing education handout
  • Bulletin board tear sheet flyer
  • Press release outline & instructions
  • Pet release form
  • Client record form
  • Customer referral coupons
  • Gift certificates
  • Gift certificate sales sign
  • ​Customer rewards card
  • Double sided rack cards
  • 12 seasonal & holiday counter signs
  • Company branding guide
  • Print ad layouts

Plus, if you don't already have a logo, we can create one for you from our existing logo templates.

Also included is a Facebook makeover with graphics to match your new marketing, along with a digital coupon.

Also included is a website if you do not already have one. We create all of our client's websites on the free Weebly webhosting so that you will have full control and ownership over your site. Once your new site is complete, we give you a 30 minute phone tutorial on how to easily add photos & more to it. (custom domain names are extra and typically run $15/year through Godaddy). We only use large, third party web services that have a good reputation and that will allow you to have all of the accounts fully registered to your business-not us. We have seen too many business owners pay a fortune to a web designer to build a site on their own platform and then the designer and the web hosting disappear. We prevent that by building it all for you on only the most popular & reputable third party providers such as Godaddy & Weebly.

If you already have a website, we can provide you with some of your own digital coupons to upload to it. We can also offer you a SEO evaluation of your site to help it get ranked better in the search engines.
Pricing & How To Order  

The customized kit and services is just a one time charge of $439.95. We offer a free phone consultation prior to purchase so that you can make sure that our services will fit your needs. If you decide to go with our services, we typically will have the personalized kit customized and ready to be shipped to you within two weeks. You will have a chance to preview all of our work on your personalized kit, prior to us shipping you the final version. Two proofing and revision sessions are included in the service. Typically we will have your proofs emailed to you for your review, in about seven days. 

To set up a free phone consultation, feel free to contact us here